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The first question that comes to our mind when you receive a notification from you potential employee that you need to undergo a drug test is what if I fail. It has become a norm that most companies do not want to hire a drug addict as in most cases it affects the firm’s overall productivity and also the image of the company is usually at stake.

Sometimes we may have overindulged with drugs in the moment of our excitement only to wake up to the realization that the next morning you have an awaiting drug testing at your place of work. The big question, however, is how do you beat the drug testing and emerge super clean. Here are a few tips that may come in handy at your hour of need.

1. Abstain from drugs

If you have a couple of weeks before the drug testing, then it is time to abstain. Regardless of whether you are a chronic user of narcotics or a one-time person, it is time to make the sacrifice and go clean until the drug-testing period is over.


2. Hydrate as much as possible

If you are on short notice, then you need to drink as much water as possible especially in the case of alcohol to get rid of it from your body. The more you urinate, the more the toxic substances in your body are eliminated. However, it is not a sure guarantee, but it will help to an extent.

3. Invest in home testing kits

A couple of weeks before the drug testing test you with some home test so as to have an overview of your drug level condition in your body. This will help you to manage the levels and keep them down at a minimum level to increase your chances of passing the tests that are carried out by big firms.

4. Try taking vitamin B complex vitamins or diuretics

Vitamin B supplement makes your urine to appear yellow, giving the illusion that it is less diluted thus fewer chances of you having taken drugs to remove any drugs win your body, which could be a plus. Diuretics increase the number of times you urinate thus flushes out any drugs in your system.


5. Choose wisely

In most cases, you may not be given an opportunity to choose the kind of test to go through, however, in the event, you have a choice to make then select tests that you are most likely to pass and leave the rest alone.

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